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Resource: Commercial Sales

Are you dedicated, ambitious, and professional? Consider a career in commercial sales. Commercial salespeople sell B2B. In other words, they represent businesses who sell to other businesses.

As a commercial salesperson, you may sell either products or services. Typical products include communications, electronics, printers, copiers, heavy machinery, farming equipment, office supplies, and more.

Commercial salespeople generate leads by cold calling, professional networking, and sales presentations. When they find customers or clients, it is their responsibility to maintain the relationship through frequent follow-up and professional contacts. The job may require frequent travel.

Commercial Sales: Past & Future

Commercial sales is a fairly stable field. B2B sales are more resilient than retail sales, and less dependent on peaks and troughs in the economy. With new businesses opening all the time, there will always be opportunities to gain new customers.

As a commercial salesperson, you may receive ongoing training to help you stay competitive. An important part of your job will be staying informed about updates to products, developments in the industry, and the strategies of your competitors. If you are representing communications equipment, electronics, or other products which change rapidly, this is especially important. If you can stay up-to-date, while developing a strong track record as a sales person, you will be assured of always being in high demand.

Commercial Sales: Do you have what it takes?

Successful candidates in commercial sales positions possess a combination of these personality traits and abilities:

• You must have strong people skills, and an ability to build lasting relationships with your clients. In B2B sales situations, one client can be worth thousands or even millions of pound. Networking is another crucial skill.
• You must be hard-working, ambitious, and driven. Commercial sales is competitive, and you will always be working to land new clients.
• You should have a good memory, and the ability to master industry knowledge and product information.
• A university degree isn't necessary, but it is preferred.
• You should have a neat, professional appearance.

A Career in Commercial Sales: The Payoff

The financial compensation for a successful commercial salesperson is generous. Since most commercial salespeople have some degree of special industry knowledge, and at least a couple years of experience in sales, salaries are often on the high end for sales jobs. Most commercial salespeople are on a basic salary, plus commissions. In many cases, this means an uncapped earnings potential. If you are a high performer, the financial rewards can be extremely high.

Comprehensive benefits packages are the norm. You can expect to work normal 9-5 business hours; however, there may also be evening engagements, such as networking events and dinners, and possibly travel.

Additionally, your employer may pay for you to receive ongoing training and education. This is a great benefit to you as a professional; help in upping your earnings potential, and good insurance for continued competitive credentials as you advance in the industry.
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